ARODB Is A Financial Advisory Firm Specializing in Cross-Border Structured Asset Financing

Advisory Services

Asset-Based Finance

ARODB structures cost-effective asset-backed lending transactions, individually  tailored to each of our clients' liability management needs and liquid assets, backed by a diverse range of asset classes.

  • We seek the lowest cost of capital and comprehensive funding options for our clients by soliciting bids from appropriate funding sources
  • We consider traditional and alternative funding options while preserving our clients' existing funding relationships
  • We incorporate proprietary trade credit insurance policies to increase liquidity (when appropriate), and can structure and manage asset-backed structures that conform to rating agency requirements as required

Private Placements Funds Marketing

Given the diverse backgrounds of and locations of our team, ARODB is able to connect a wider audience of suitable investors with investment opportunities in top-quality funds, such as private equity funds, hedge funds and REITs that are typically available only at minimum institutional investment sizes. Benefits may include:

  • Market neutral, uncorrelated returns
  • Upward, sideways, or downward movement of a particular asset class
  • Diversification into various asset classes via access to a comprehensive range of structured and alternative investments
  • Structure Notes Taylor Made for our client's specific needs.

Capital, Preferred Shares and Mezzanine

ARODB provides comprehensive investment solutions to its clients seeking a private equity partner, other alternative liquidity structures such as preferred shares or mezzanine and/or in making co-investments alongside leading private equity sponsors.

  • We will find a partner with a significant and positive influence on our client's company direction, management, and strategic matters through our extensive network.
  • We will help our clients access: traditional private equity, mezzanine debt, preference shares, structured equity or other innovative approaches of financing
  • We introduce opportunities to invest in Private Equity ventures such as through PE Closed- End Funds, co- investment, others.

Litigation Finance

ARODB advises on Litigation Financing Solutions for Managing Risk and Monetizing or Financing Claims or Assets.

  • We seek funding for arbitration, bankruptcy, and commercial cases, including breach of contract, breach of fiduciary duty, trade secret theft, copyright/ trademark/ patent infringement, environmental, and antitrust claims. It can be used to monetize single cases or portfolios of litigation.
  • We advise on how to get funding for disputes at various stages of maturity and resources available around the world.
  • We will help locate, negotiate and secure litigation financing and or other adversary proceedings.
  • Sale of litigation or arbitration procedures.

Distressed Financing

A financial restructuring involves complex and occasionally chaotic processes, often involving multiple parties, significant planning and analysis, and a high degree of coordination among numerous workgroups. For most client's internal finance teams, this is uncharted territory.

  • We develop and execute a strategic plan for our clients. A process either  inside or outside the court, under national or cross-border laws.
  • Model financial projections  and the negotiations with stakeholders (creditors)
  • Structure a legal and financial strategy, among others: Refinancing Consensual financial restructuring (PIKs), DIP Finance, Mezzanine or subordinated debt, others
  • Capital adjustment with new strategic or financial partners, sale of assets, or sale of the company

Commercial Real Estate

ARODB advises on all major property types in all significant the United States and Latin American markets.

  • We take time to understand and address our clients' leverage requirements in structuring senior and mezzanine lending facilities
  • We act as advisors on various types of real estate investments for qualified investors and institutions, focusing on assets valued at US$10 million or greater
  • We provide robust valuations and perspectives on global real estate to our clients, as well as the tools for them to make optimal decisions on investment strategies.
  • We source partners "flags" for the operations of hotels.


Oil & Gas

ARODB advices government and national oil companies, major and independent commercial oil companies as they seek to compete in a dynamic industry.


ARODB has been consulting with numerous retailers for more than 20 years to improve their profitability and liquidity.